Terms & Conditions

Yes, this page is long. But yes, it's super super important you read through all of these and agree to the terms before booking a session! Thanks in advance!

Upon booking any portrait or wedding session, I agree to:

1) Always, ALWAYS give you, Nikki Hildebrand Photography, photo credit when I share your photos on social media, because a) we understand you still own the rights to the images and b) you rock and we want to tell everyone about you! And yep, I know how to give you that credit. It's: @nikkihildebrandphotography on Instagram and I need to add @nikkihildebrandPhotography in to the caption section on Facebook. 

2) Never filter your image. Ok, so maybe I'll post them as a square on Instagram instead of a 4x6, but I promise not to filter them. Ever. Like not even if I LOVE this one Save the Date but it has a sepia filter over the image. I understand that the final images you give me represent your brand and the airy-look I love (and why I hired you) so I won't alter them in any way. Besides, I wouldn't paint over an artist's painting, so why would I mess with your artistic work?

3) Not ask you to "make me look skinny". As a historian is to history, you are to real life - you're here to capture and not alter. Also, I totally trust that if my outfit photographs funny and DOESN'T represent real life (like the wind picks up and blows my flowy shirt) that you will make some adjustments to better reflect what I look like in person and or not use it. And beside, I'm beautiful just the way I am and don't need you to photoshop me!!

4) Arrive on time. You have other clients, you picked great lighting for us, oh and you have that little thing called a personal life. We will be on time and if we aren't, we can't extend our time without paying a little extra. If we're more than 15 minutes late, we run the risk of you having to cancel our session and charging us the full session fee. That's only fair. 

5) Be understanding if my kid doesn't smile for you. We know you will jump, fake sneeze, and be a total goof-ball trying, but if the kid just doesn't crack, we can't fault you for it...or request a do-over free-of-charge.

6) Let you know if we have to cancel. Hey, life happens! If we know something has come up prior to 24 hours before our shoot, we will let you know and are grateful to be rescheduled at your convenience. Should we not be able to give you more than 24 hours notices, we understand that that's a huge inconvenience and that you may have lost out on another client that you could have booked, so we get that you have to charge us 100% of the session fee and/or collection agreed upon.

7) Help you with your branding. If I sneak a few cell phone photos in during the session and post them to social media, I'll be sure to give you a shout out for doing our professional photos, but in no way will I make it sound like the iPhone photo is YOUR photo. I get it...low-quality photos that get out with your name on them could have some serious negative effects on your brand.

8) Let you know if I'm bringing our fur-family member. Pets take extra work and while you LOVE them and are happy to photograph them, they take a lot of extra work, aren't allowed in some areas, and can eat up our session time, so I just need to give you a heads up prior to the session.

9) Be super stoked if you use one of our images for marketing purposes (on your website or social media pages). You own the rights to the images anyway! However, if my spouse and I have agreed not to show any photos of our children on social media or I have a job that makes it risky for me to be on the internet (or another valid reason to not have you post my images), I will contact you and let you know BEFORE booking our session so we're all on the same page. 

10) Share all these terms with the people involved in our photo session...even great aunt Margaret, because she's ALL about social media and needs to know about rule numero-uno prior to posting the photos with her favorite hashtags.