The Wedding Experience


"Photography was a priority for us and our family on our wedding day. Choosing Nikki was one of the best decisions we made! She made us feel so relaxed and we were totally blown away when we got our photos. Absolutely would hire again and recommend to all our friends."

-Mrs. K


"Photography was a priority for us and our family on our wedding day. Choosing Nikki was one of the best decisions we made! She made us feel so relaxed and we were totally blown away when we got our photos. Absolutely would hire again and recommend to all our friends."

-Mrs. K

What is included in the Nikki Hildebrand

Wedding Experience and Why?

I have structured my wedding experience very intentionally. Everything I offer and recommend is a strategic part of an overall experience that leads to what my Couples ultimately desire: genuine, timeless and joyful images.

The most intentional aspects of a Nikki Hildebrand Wedding Experience include:


I have found that for a traditional wedding day, I need a minimum of 8 hours to capture the full story of your day with a stress-free timeline. Perfect for capturing the important moments of your special day while giving you the freedom to choose the best moments of the day that you would like to capture. The Prized Wedding Experience lets you focus on the beautiful details of the day that are important to you and your partner.


This is a great way for us to get to know each other and to help you feel more relaxed and confident in front of the camera on the day of. When it comes to your wedding photos our relationship is key to you having amazing photographs to cherish. Spending more time together helps enhance that. In the process, we get to capture some beautiful photos that you can look back on for years to come and maybe use for your announcements or invitations. -Applies to 6+hour Collections only


Having a second photographer at your wedding can truly elevate your special day and capture moments that may have otherwise been missed.

A second photographer can bring immense value to your wedding day. From expanded coverage, diverse perspectives, capturing candid moments, managing multiple locations, to providing backup and assurance, their presence ensures that your special day is beautifully documented from every angle.


I love giving my Couples sneak peeks. It's like an adrenaline rush for you and for me.

I work hard to give you same day sneak peeks because I know how happy the images will make you and I also know how much you will want to share your special moments of the day with friends and family. I send them straight to your phone that night so that you can do just that!

-If adequate wifi is not available at your reception site then I will send the sneak peeks to you in an on-line gallery within 24hours.

BRIDAL Guide & Engagement GUIDE

I have compiled a comprehensive bridal guide that includes everything you need to know about planning your perfect wedding day. From selecting a venue and vendors, to creating a timeline. This guide will provide you with all the information, tips, and resources you need to make your wedding day perfect.


Each image is adjusted to make colors true-to-life while giving them a light and bright romantic feel. All images are adjusted for sharpness and clarity. If you see a beautiful blurry image it is because I love the look and feel of the image and it is my artistic eyes passion to give you the expected and unexpected. You will have the rights to all images and be able to use them for whatever projects you have in mind, whether it be an album, a matted framed print or canvas. The quality of images will be perfect for printing and sharing on your social media.


Any time I can take stress off of my Couples shoulders I will. Having an easy online gallery link that is also connected to a professional photography lab for beautiful prints and albums makes it easy for my Couples to download, share and purchase images. As apart of the Nikki Hildebrand Wedding Experience my Couples images are all downloadable, even family & friends with the gallery link can download any images they love. The store is an extra bonus for your convenience.


I love to travel!!

When and Where?

Let's do it!!

Average Bridal Investment 6600




But what you may not realize is that you need a great experience with your photographer more than anything! That is exactly what I promise to give you. Over and over and over again, my couples rave about their experience almost more than their images!


Because in order to get those natural, genuine portraits that truly capture who you are, you have to feel comfortable with the person taking them. The way you feel while you are having your portraits taken heavily influences how you feel when you see yourself in the final images.

I can honestly say, with 100% guarantee, that you will feel relaxed, calm and happy while working with me! Creating comfortable, joyful and genuine client experiences is what I specialize in and I am excited to share more about what the Nikki Hildebrand Experience includes!

After confirming that we are an amazing fit for one another, if you would like to move forward with reserving your date, a signed contract and non-refundable retainer fee of 50% will be due to officially save your date in my calendar.

If you have questions for me please let me know!


CELL: 619-792-3413


Envision this....

Your wedding has happened. It was beautiful and everything you dreamed it would be. Instead of just downloading your images to your hard drive and sharing a link with your family and friends, you take it a step further and you invested in a family heirloom keepsake that tells the story of the day you began your life together as husband and wife. Your wedding is literally the beginning of your new family unit! Now, try to fast forward even further and envision yourself sitting in your future living room with your future four year old and he/she is asking questions about when you got married. You look at them and say, “Hold on one minute, ok?” and you grab your legacy album. As you flip through the pages, half of the album in your lap and the other half in theirs.... your child notices aunts, uncles and grandparents celebrating with you on your wedding day. If your future child is anything like ours, they will be in awe of these old pictures. When our daughter, Alice, was six years old, I sat down with her and showed her our wedding album for the first time and she flipped through the pages for half an hour, just taking it all in. It was as if I had given her a peek into a part of our story that she hadn’t comprehended yet and it was beautiful. Legacy albums aren’t for you, they are for those that come after you. What a beautiful gift to hand down to future generations!

Ready to Begin?


What is your shooting style?

I love being both interactive and discrete throughout the wedding day. There will be parts of the wedding day when I will need to be in control in order to accomplish everything that needs to be done in order to keep everyone on schedule. There will also be moments when you shouldn’t even know that I’m there. (The ceremony, during dances and toasts, etc.) We teach our couples how to pose and interact during their engagement session so they are naturals on the wedding day and don’t need quite as much instruction from us!

engagement travel?

I am more than willing to travel for engagement sessions! We actually love it when our couples ask us to photograph them in a location that means something special to them! We book engagement sessions typically three to six months in advance and include 60 miles of travel. Travel beyond 60 miles is available with a small fee.


We average 75-100 final images per hour that we're actively shooting throughout the day. We love delivering our client’s files quickly and easily via an online gallery. You will have the ability to print, share and download your images as much as you want. We believe in freely sharing our work because that is what we would want if we were in your shoes!
▪️ Families receive 55+ images

Can I take out the second shooter from a package for a discounted rate?

No, becasue I already love you and I know that having a person to not only get different angles but capture detail shots and fun moments with your guests while we are away at sunset. A second shooter makes all the difference in the world when it comes down to time management, because we all know that even the best of plans change. If you have to run tight on time un-expectantly, a second shooter will give you breathing room to still make sure all of the special aspects that you took so much time and care in planning for are still captured, no matter the time conflicts that might arise.... you will thank me, I promise!

What is your best tip for great pictures?

You and your partner will be smiling and adoring one another the entire time! Which makes it so easy for me to capture your love... but many couples forget to talk to their bridal party about smiling and being aware of their reactions. When I am getting beautiful couple shots during the ceremony the bridal party's faces can make or tragically detract from the special moment.

What are your family lifestyle sessions like?

I play music and let your family be themselves and have fun enjoying each others personalities while I document along the way. There will be some posed images along with candids of your families love for on another. I work with you before hand to sort out all of the fine details of what you want out of the session. That way, on the day of the session we can have an easy, fun time together.

When will I receive my photos?

You will receive your personalized on-line gallery link with all your photos within
3-6weeks for lifestyle portraits and 6-8 weeks for weddings.