I love to travel!!

When and Where?

Let's do it!!

Fees may include:

The Client is responsible for covering any additional fees and costs related to location choice (mileage, plane tickets, hotels, admission fees, parking, etc).

$1/Mile Required beyond San Diego County

Over 2+ Hours of Travel By Car Cost Includes:

Lodging + 1/Mile Traveled

Travel Cost By Plane Include:

Plane Ticket + Lodging + Rental Car Required

Travel Fee If Lodging Is Required:


Milage Travel fees will be added into Clients Full invoice of Service and will be included in Client's total cost invoice.

For Travel fees including air travel, hotels and rental cars, this fee will be researched by me and given to you for full payment within 1 month of signing this contract. All travel decisions will be made together with you for your event. Travel fees are a non-refundable fee. For out-of-town sessions and events, lodgings, airfare, rental car and travel day fee will be invoiced accordingly.